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3 Things to Know Before You Watch LIZZIE

3 Things to Know Before You Watch LIZZIE

April 11, 2019

“Lizzie Borden took an axe / And gave her mother forty whacks / When she saw what she had done / She gave her father forty-one.”

This week’s new Shudder Exclusive film is Lizzie. Let’s start with a look at the trailer:

Not quoted in that trailer is probably our favorite pull quote, “the classiest lesbian axe murder movie ever.” (Thanks, Collider!)

Hey, that’s enough for us: we’re in. But if you need more, here are three great reasons to check out Lizzie this weekend.

1. It’s Based on a True Story

Lizzie’s father and step-mother were the victims of a brutal axe murder in Massachusetts in 1892. Lizzie and the family housekeeper were present when the bodies were discovered, so the police blamed her for the heinous crime. Who doesn’t love true crime?

2. It’s directed by the guy who made Channel Zero: Candle Cove

The film is the second feature by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Craig William Macneill, who also directed all six episodes of the first Channel Zero season—the one with the Tooth Child, remember?—so you know it’s going to be creepy.

More recently Macneill has directed episodes of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Twilight Zone.

3. The movie was a passion project for star and producer Chloë Sevigny

Sevigny was first drawn to the story by a friend’s Halloween costume. She was so fascinated, she booked a trip for her and her boyfriend to stay at the bed-and-breakfast in what used to be Borden’s house. On subsequent trips, she’s visited Borden’s grave and left pansies, her favorite flowers. We can get behind that level of commitment.

If you check out Lizzie on Shudder, please rate and review—or tell us what you think on Twitter!

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