Bear Witness To The END OF DAYS, A Killer Mashup, And MORE!
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The Bite #89
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Bear Witness To The END OF DAYS, A Killer Mashup, And MORE!

December 17, 2019

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By Brian W. Collins*

After a risky heart surgery in 1997, Arnold Schwarzenegger took some time off from making movies, which lead to considerable audience anticipation for his big return. So it makes sense that he opted for End Of Days because he’d be fighting the actual Devil to save the world – the stakes had rarely been higher. But the movie was also a timely one when it was released in November of 1999 because the Devil had to pull off his plan by midnight on New Year’s Eve, and, at the time, we were all worried about the same moment; specifically, what might happen when the future threat of “Y2K” became the present.

Briefly mentioned in the film, the fear around the Y2K bug was that all of our computers would shut down as the clock turned over. Because all of the calendar-related code relied on two digits (“99”) instead of four (“1999”), this meant programs could, in theory, reset to “1900” and cause any manner of problems. Planes falling from the sky! Our bank accounts wiped out! Screenings of End Of Days interrupted by power failures!

As we now know, nothing of great significance happened; a few odd machines across the globe malfunctioned, but otherwise, everything kept running just fine. However, its mention in End Of Days allows this brief era of paranoia to live on, like a time capsule, in this fairly silly but still underrated Schwarzenegger flick. His character’s initials are “J.C.”, so we’re not dealing with a particularly subtle movie, and by the time he smirks and asks if the Devil’s plan has to be accomplished by midnight “Eastern time?”, it’s pretty clear we’re meant to be having fun. That said, it’s surprisingly gruesome at times, and not without its share of genuinely disturbing moments – it may contain several of Schwarzenegger’s action trademarks, but it manages to fit comfortably into the horror genre, as well.

This is a good thing because there aren’t a lot of New Year’s themed horror films. New Year’s Evil is one of the very few that works the holiday into its plot; most of the others, such as Terror Train, are set then but don’t really rely on anything about the occasion. By not only setting it on New Year’s Eve but the most important New Year’s Eve of anyone currently living, End Of Days established itself as the ultimate choice for the holiday and even included a drink recipe for you to enjoy as you watch the film. One last indulgence before your resolution to hit the gym goes into effect?

Jericho Cane’s Breakfast Smoothie:
1 cup coffee, with “enough caffeine to kill a horse”
1 cup Pepto-Bismol
1 half glass warm beer
1 cold chicken wing
2 boxes fried rice
1 slice of pizza, preferably from the floor
Blend on high for 30 seconds and serve directly from blender jar.

*Brian W. Collins is a writer for Birth.Movies.Death., Fangoria, and the author of Horror Movie A Day. He owns multiple copies of Bat Out Of Hell on vinyl despite having no turntable and will defend Jason Takes Manhattan until his dying day.


Image Of The Week #89 - Santas Raising The Stakes - The Bite

Santa’s Raising The Stakes

Sorry, Bela, but we think Ol’ Saint Nick’s got you beat. Well, Ol’ Boris Karloff, that is. Yep, that’s Karloff in the jolly man’s suit playing a friendly card game with Bela Lugosi circa 1940.



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