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Coming to Shudder in July: PARTY HARD, DIE YOUNG and DEADTECTIVES
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Coming to Shudder in July: PARTY HARD, DIE YOUNG and DEADTECTIVES

June 27, 2019

In July we’ve got two great shudder originals for you. First up on July 3, Party Hard, Die Young comes from director Dominik Hartl and writers Robert Buchschwenter and Karin Lomot. It stars Elisabeth Wabitsch (Seventeen), Marlon Boess (Beautiful Girl), Markus Freistätter (Erik & Erika), and Michael Glantschnig (Wishlist). Critic Matt Donato called it “A new-age slasher remix with plenty of intoxication, strobe lights and slaughter to spare.” Or as he said on Twitter, “It rules.” 

Party Hard, Die Young Trailer

Synopsis: School’s out, so Julia, her friends and thousands of fellow graduates are on their way to an island resort in Croatia, and it’s supposed to be the party of their lives! The harmless fun soon turns deadly serious when Julia’s friend is killed, and it probably wasn’t an accident. Slick, stylish and loud, PARTY HARD DIE YOUNG is in the tradition of the best post-Scream slashers.

And then on July 18 there’s DeadTectives, from writer/director Tony West and writer David Clayton Rogers. It’s a horror-comedy that stars Chris Geere (Detective Pikachu), Tina Ivlev (Shameless), José María de Tavira (The Mask Of Zorro), David Newman (A Discovery Of Witches), and Martha Higareda (Street Kings). When it premiered at Telluride Horror Show, Meredith Borders saidDeadTectives offers a groovy, free-wheeling energy that dips back and forth between scary and funny with shocking ease.” And it’s got one of our favorite taglines: Fake Ghost Hunters. Real Ghosts.

DeadTectives trailer

Synopsis: A team of hapless reality TV ghost hunters experience true paranormal activity for the first time while filming a make-or-break episode in the most haunted mansion in Mexico. Facing cancellation on the one hand and supernatural entities on the other, the group must figure out a way to bust the ghosts, deliver the episode of a lifetime, and escape with their lives intact.

Both movies are available on Shudder US, Canada and UK.