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Gallery: Check Out CREEPSHOW’s Hollywood Premiere

Gallery: Check Out CREEPSHOW’s Hollywood Premiere

September 19, 2019

Creepshow is a week away from its Shudder debut, but cast, crew and some fans got an early look at the series this week during a premiere screening at the historic Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

Two of the series stars joined showrunner Greg Nicotero at the event: Adrienne Barbeau, who appears in the segment “Gray Matter” star (and who is Creepshow royalty, having appeared in the original movie) and The Walking Dead‘s Cailey Fleming from “The House of the Head” segment. The two met for the first time on the red carpet in an embrace that spanned nearly 40 years of Creepshow history.

Cailey Fleming & Adrienne Barbeau

Joining them were Dana Gould (from the Creepshow story “Skincrawlers”), “Bad Wolf Down” writer/director Rob Schrab and actor Kate Freund, writer David Schow (“The Finger”), actor Madison Thompson (“All Hallow’s Eve”), writers Byron Willinger & Philip de Blasi, who adapted “Gray Matter,” writers Paul Dini and Stephen Langford (“Skincrawlers”), and actor Hannah Barefoot (“Night of the Paw”), to name a few.

Rob Schrab & Kate Freund
Actor Madison Thompson poses for a shot with Nicotero and executive producer Brian Witten

Attendees were able to get up close and personal with a few of Creepshow‘s many monsters, including a werewolf, an eight-foot-tall scarecrow and a little boney creature who answered to the name “Bob.”

Lobby monsters
Writer David Schow poses with his creature

Many of LA’s notable horror filmmakers turned out to join the celebration, including director Joe Begos (VFW), director Graham Skipper (Sequence Break), The Last Drive-In‘s Diana “Darcy the Mail Girl” Prince, director Mike Mendez (Tales of Halloween), MSK3K‘s Jonah Ray Rodrigues, director Graham Reznick & producer Peter Phok (Deadwax) and actors Noah Segan (The Mind’s Eye), Matt Mercer (Contracted) and Morgan Peter Brown (All the Creatures Were Stirring). Tina Romero was on hand to see the Creepshow torch passed from her venerated father George to Nicotero.

Greg Nicotero introduces the episode
Packed house for the Creepshow premiere

Nicotero kicked off the evening with a heartfelt and humorous introduction, tracing his own horror origin story back to a fateful visit to Romero’s Creepshow set, and thanking the writers, directors, actors and crew that made the new series a true labor of love.

After the screening: party.

Creepshow premieres next Thursday, Sept. 26, at 9pm ET on Shudder.

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