ROSEMARY’S BABY And The Insidiousness Of Medical Gaslighting, The Real Queen Of Horror And MORE!
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The Bite #114
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ROSEMARY’S BABY And The Insidiousness Of Medical Gaslighting, The Real Queen Of Horror And MORE!

June 16, 2020

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Rosemary’s Baby And The Insidiousness Of Medical Gaslighting

By Lex Briscuso

In Rosemary’s Baby, the depiction of gaslighting, impressively brought to life by Mia Farrow, hinges on the real-life plight of so many women navigating the healthcare system to this day. We see the arc of a pregnancy carried to term under duress, through the majority of which the mother’s well-being has been deemed unimportant.

From conception, it seems, Rosemary isn’t trusted with her own pregnancy. The doctor she sees sets arbitrary rules backed by lies to keep her in a state of denial about the debilitating pain in her abdomen. At one point, she reveals concerns about an ectopic pregnancy, for which she’s almost mocked. If your womb hadn’t been rented to Satan, that would be a valid concern — and a damning one for a doctor to write off.

For women in the real world, there aren’t usually evil forces or devil-worshipping cults behind not being believed. Studies show that women are often neglected when it comes to medical research, suggesting a massive and dangerous knowledge gap. Coupled with the reality that doctors often don’t trust their Black patients when it comes to pain and its treatment leaves a massive gray area for healthcare providers to haphazardly diagnose … or not diagnose at all.

This gender bias in medicine is insidious and it dates back to long before any of us were born. “There’s a very direct lineage, where hysteria, in the 19th-century idea of it, has been passed down generation by generation,” Maya Dusenbery, author of Doing Harm: The Truth About How Bad Medicine and Lazy Science Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed, and Sick, told Vice in 2018. “Symptoms aren’t taken seriously, and they’re dismissed as depression or anxiety.”

Interestingly enough, medical gaslighting has been more widely discussed on the internet over the last few years. It’s been the focus of multiple studies as well as articles in mainstream publications such as The GuardianThe BBCThe New York Times, and The Atlantic (multiple times). On top of the lack of medical research about women’s health and the systemic discrimination that comes from simply being female, women of color also deal with racial a bias that stems from “false beliefs about biological differences.”

If Rosemary had been a woman of color, she would have had a far more difficult time being believed let alone getting the care she deserved. Rosemary’s Baby shows that this gender and racial bias has been an insidious trend for some time, and, like the devil himself, is known by many different names.

* Lex Briscuso is a film critic, poet, journalist, and radio host living in Brooklyn. You can find her slinging celeb gossip and entertainment coverage over at In Touch Weekly and Life & Style. Her radio show, Your Niche Is Dead, airs live Mondays 4-6pm on


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