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The Body Horror Of SUSPIRIA (2018) And BLACK SWAN, An Instagram Nightmare And MORE!
The Bite #103

The Body Horror Of SUSPIRIA (2018) And BLACK SWAN, An Instagram Nightmare And MORE!

March 31, 2020

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Dances Of Death: The Body Horror Of Suspiria (2018) And Black Swan

By Laura Di Girolamo*

One of our most ironic cultural misperceptions is that dancing, as a sport and a profession, is easy and frivolous, a thing “for girls”. Dancing is for everyone, but that doesn’t mean everyone can excel at it. The world of dance is gatekept by the white and wealthy, and dancing professionally is a grueling endeavor. There’s no shortage of films about dancers, but few that showcase the real horror of a body pushed to the limit in the name of passion and perfectionism like Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria and Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan.

Both films portray the body as beautiful and grotesque, sexual and repulsive, powerful and pathetic. The sound of breath and heavy footsteps are ever-present in Suspiria, lending the whole film an essence of grounded physicality despite its otherworldly witchiness. Natalie Portman as Nina in Black Swan is all barely-repressed, big emotions bubbling to the surface of a very reserved young woman hiding behind poise.

With increased physical strength and the strain of repetitive motion after hours of daily practice comes serious bodily injury like bloody toenails, torn muscles, and broken bones. We watch the dancers of Suspiria and Black Swan breathe, sweat, groan, and cry while riping feathers, knives, and organs from their bodies. In Suspiria’s most harrowing scene, Susie (Dakota Johnson) unknowingly uses dance-induced witchcraft to contort classmate Olga (Elena Fokina) into a human pretzel. Meanwhile, Nina pours so much of her body — and far too much of her mind — into embodying the Black Swan of Swan Lake that she begins to believe she is the character, hallucinating a visceral transformation as her spine cracks and her eyes turn black.

Both films showcase how dancing also takes a toll on dancers’ mental health as a competitive industry that places so much scrutiny on the body. Suspiria’s dancers are traumatized by recurring nightmares they perceive as a normal side-effect of an intense dance school, and Nina, trapped in her home by a controlling mother who encourages disordered eating, is terrified of acknowledging deep-seated emotions like lust and jealousy.

To dance is to use nothing but your body to express and incite a complex range of sensations, demanding extraordinary amounts of dedication from the performers while they put themselves through hell in the pursuit of perfection. At their cores, Suspiria and Black Swan are about the horrifying ways one’s greatest passion can wreak havoc on the mind and the body, and the horrors such devotion can unleash.

*Laura Di Girolamo is a film journalist, lover of beautiful spooky nonsense, and the co-director of The Bloody Mary Film Festival. Her work has appeared in Exclaim!Rue MorgueGrim MagazineGhastly GrinningDaily Dead, and various other places around the web. You can read more of her writing on her site or follow her on Twitter.


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