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Hijacking Horror In Jeff Barnaby’s BLOOD QUANTUM,  Vampira And MORE!
The Bite #107

Hijacking Horror In Jeff Barnaby’s BLOOD QUANTUM, Vampira And MORE!

April 28, 2020

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Hijacking Horror In Jeff Barnaby’s Blood Quantum

By Michael Greyeyes

The tropes are familiar to everyone who loves horror; a rural setting, characters with recognizable lives and problems like teen pregnancy and family strife, all painting a landscape of brooding calm before the coming storm. We also have the requisite warning signs that fans demand; nature in discord, strange police reports, key information unnoticed. A nurse, played with quiet resolve by Elle-Máija Tailfeathers (The Body Remembers When The World Broke Open) saying, “What do you mean we’re out of Tetanus?!” as she rummages through a hospital medicine cabinet. While we scream, “Because they BITE!!!” With the film’s first frames, Jeff Barnaby, visionary Mi’qmaq writer and director, and his long-time cinematographer, Michel St. Martin, want to flip this familiar world on its head. Literally. Stomach-churningly.

And then the levee breaks. And this quiet world is now bathed in violence, sudden and visceral.

For audiences unfamiliar with Barnaby’s work, the film has already made its point: he’s hijacked an entire genre and dragged it kicking and screaming towards Indigenous subjectivity. Of course, these readers know that the zombie sub-genre is long-steeped in social commentary. But when audiences from New York City to Rio de Janeiro to Jakarta begin watching Blood Quantum, the fact that stock characters like the beleaguered local sheriff (played by myself), his long-suffering ex (the aforementioned Tailfeathers), their delinquent sons (Forrest Goodluck, Kiowa Gordon) are all played by Indigenous actors will slip by unnoticed.

This is a landmark. It’s like any joke that starts with “So the Pope, Mick Jagger, and Stalin are on a plane.” Nobody asks what the heck those guys are doing on a plane together because no one cares — just tell us the punchline already! Barnaby flipped Hollywood on its head back at the on-ramp and is already halfway to Albuquerque, deep into the stories he wants to tell.

Everything in Blood Quantum is layered with semiotic resonance: an abandoned church as the setting for a shocking act of violence, character names like Lysol (a disinfectant) and Joseph (a soon-to-be father). Even the film’s title alludes to its central conceit that the inhabitants of this isolated rez are immune to the zombie plague while asking the audience to understand the roots of this racist, colonial term, leaving them wondering how much Indigenous blood it takes to be immune and, therefore, safe. In the COVID-19 hellscape we find ourselves in, safety and infection are no longer bloodless terms of art.

The zombie subgenre is the perfect cut-out. While bodies fly apart, entrails festooned across the set and actors’ bodies, Barnaby presents nuanced stories about fathers good, bad, and absent, exhumed behind the gore. We see addiction, intergenerational trauma, and the quiet strength of its female characters effortlessly depicted, like the threads in a tapestry. Exactly like in our own lives. And when the final frames hit, we’re gutted because his stories were always about survival and families and sacrifice; the gore was just bunting.

*Michael Greyeyes is a Nêhiyaw actor, director, and scholar from Muskeg Lake Cree Nation. He plays Traylor in Jeff Barnaby’s Blood Quantum and is an Associate Professor and former Graduate Program Director for the MFA in Theatre at York University in Toronto, Canada.


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