Nicholas Vince On NIGHTBREED, PARASITE Makes History And MORE!
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The Bite #96
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Nicholas Vince On NIGHTBREED, PARASITE Makes History And MORE!

February 12, 2020

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By Nicholas Vince*

In Nightbreed, Boone (Craig Sheffer) has fearful hallucinations that his psychiatrist, Decker (David Cronenberg), persuades him are evidence of his guilt in four recent family slayings. Horrified, Boone leaves Calgary and his girlfriend, Lori (Anne Bobby), to protect her from the monster he believes himself to be.

On his travels, he hears of a place called Midian where the monsters go and where all sins are forgiven. It’s home to the Nightbreed — outlandish, fantastical, and beautiful monsters who call themselves the Tribes of the Moon. In the wilds of Alberta, he finds it. But he’s been followed by the real serial killer, and the Breed are put at risk.

For me, the film is about the order of the world, and that monsters, the “other”, are destroyed by the fascist Naturals (humans). As Rachel (Catherine Chevalier) says, humans envy the Nightbreed who can fly and change into smoke or a wolf. And what humans envy, they destroy.

During filming, I was an out gay man and being gay wasn’t good. I’d been told by my agent to stay in the closet. The year before filming, Margaret Thatcher’s government had passed Clause 28, a law which stated that local authorities “shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality” or “promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship”.

At face value, there’s very little to inspire LGBTIQ+ people to feel accepted in Nightbreed, as the love of Boone and Lori is purely heterosexual.

A couple of years ago I spoke to someone who explained why Nightbreed was so important to them as a gay teenager. They said the film gave them hope because someone else understood what it felt like to be an outsider. It was different from other horror movies where the monster is pure evil and is trying to stalk and slash you, or where they’re simply a misunderstood victim. In Nightbreed, a community of monsters are the “good guys”.

Nightbreed gave them hope.

In my mind, Kinski is gay. When I read the script, I thought he had a crush on Peloquin. To me, Kinski’s a wannabe bad guy who hangs out with the more dangerous Peloquin because he’s just very sexy.

In a scene that didn’t make it into any version of the film, there’s a moment during the destruction of Midian when Lylesburg is urging the Nightbreed to stay below ground while Boone argues they should fight. There were dozens of us in makeup on the three-story set, standing on the rope bridges, listening. I stood next to a male actor put my arm around him protectively, thinking “this is Kinski’s real love. Surely, there are gay Nightbreed?”

The truth is, we all want to belong to a Tribe of the Moon; be that tribe family, friends, online, in dungeons, in clubs, or in the woods. We want and need to belong; to be accepted and celebrated for who we are.

When we’re told our love is unnatural and a sin, that we’ll burn, that we’ll never be happy or find love, and when laws are passed against us, the instinct is to hide, to conform, and to live in the shadows of half-truths and repressed desires fearfully hidden. We need a community of freaks to call our own.

As Peloquin says, “everything’s true: God’s an astronaut, Oz is over the rainbow”. Or perhaps that merry old land with such accepting citizens is closer; East of Peace River, near a town called Shereneck, north of Dwyer, in a place called Midian.

This piece has been abridged to fit the format of The Bite. Visit our blog for the full version.

*Nicholas Vince is an actor, author, playwright, and filmmaker known for playing Chatterer in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser and Kinski in Nightbreed. He recently wrote and performed his autobiographical play, I Am Monsters!, to great acclaim in London and Las Vegas, and is currently working on his third collection of short stories, Prayers of Desire.


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