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100 Monsters

100 Monsters

Directed by Kimiyoshi Yasuda

A greedy slumlord’s attempts to forcefully evict his tenants invite the wrath of the titular spirits when a cleansing ritual is botched, with terrifying results.

The local yôkai (Japanese spirits) interfere to avenge a murder and thwart the plans of corrupt officials.

Cast: Shinobu Araki, Jun Fujimaki, Ryûtarô Gomi

Member Reviews


1 week ago

Highly enoyable and a super fun watch.

1 week ago

Worth the watch

2 weeks ago

Maybe my favourite watch on Shudder so far. Totally captivating, an abundance of surreal monsters and visually amazing and weird. Bizarre, spooky and chill. Perfect vibe for me.

1 month ago

Watched this movie tonight on the shudder tv option trying it out for the first time, omg this was an amazing experience at 4 in the morning. Laughed my ass off, great vibes, love the practical effects, really neat period peace too. Set up a discord call with a buddy and watch this one, great stuff. Genuinely enjoyed it.

1 month ago