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A Creepshow Holiday Special

A Creepshow Holiday Special

Directed by Greg Nicotero

Robert Weston has noticed some odd changes lately that his doctors can’t explain. The only explanation for his symptoms is that he might be… a werewolf? In search of an answer, he discovers an unusual support group where others can help him learn the truth, but what he discovers is far more sinister than he could have ever imagined. The rag-tag group of misfits must band together to fight the assassin who has been hunting them for centuries.

Robert Weston has reason to believe he might be a werewolf, but when he goes to a Shapeshifters Anonymous support group, he learns there’s something far more sinister than his curse to worry about.

Cast: Adam Pally, Anna Camp, Pete Burris, Frank Nicotero, Derek Russo, Candy McLellan

Member Reviews

Fun and well-written. The gore and effects could have used some more budget, but definitely worth a watch.

5 days ago

This is an awesome addition to my annual Christmas movie watch list. Great 👍 keeping the comic book feel i grew up with

1 week ago

Always love me some creepshow especially a Christmas based episode of creepshow

2 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

its okay. fun. not horror more comedy than spooky but its okay.

3 weeks ago