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A Wounded Fawn

A Wounded Fawn

Directed by Travis Stevens

Meredith Tanning, a local museum curator, is dipping her toe back into the dating pool, only to be targeted by a charming serial killer. When a fateful romantic getaway between the two becomes a tense game of cat and mouse, both must confront the madness within him. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL

A romantic getaway becomes a surrealistic nightmare in the daring new film from director Travis Stevens.

Cast: Josh Ruben, Sarah Lind, Malin Barr, Katie Kuang

Member Reviews

Came together really nicely. Highly recommend

18 hours ago

Good start. Was wondering where it was going...then got to the end and got boring so i fast forwarded last 15 minutes to see ending. The last part of this film was quite a let down

1 week ago

This is the second time I’ve seen Josh Ruben in a movie. Whereas Scare Me is a comedy, this is actually just an horror film. Albeit an artistic, morality driven, Greek tragedy of a film, this is an horror film nonetheless. And now I finally see his appeal. In this movie he is the big mean baddie and he does it pleasantly well. This version of Josh Ruben is not your silly Fragile Freddy. I hope to see him in more movies in the future. The man has RANGE. He can do both (horror and comedy). And as they say, porque no los dos?

1 week ago

I loved this more than I expected to. Not least of all, because I'm used to seeing Josh Ruben being an absolute goofball on Dropout, and was not prepared for the particular flavour of organic farm to table crazy juice he brought to this role.

1 week ago

The first half was intriguing but went down hill in the second half. The last scene of the movie drug out way too long which got pretty stupid. I wouldn’t recommend.

2 weeks ago