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Amityville: Dollhouse

Amityville: Dollhouse

Directed by Steve White

A dollhouse that is a replica of the infamous Amityville haunted house is given to a little girl. Soon after, all sorts of horrible unexplained accidents start to happen. The family must work together to fight off the terrifying evil that has inhabited their lives. The house might be miniature, but the evil is full-sized!

A children's dollhouse, which is a miniature replica of the infamous Amityville house, is given to a young girl where the demonic evil soon comes out to cause more terror.

Cast: Robin Thomas, Starr Andreeff, Allen Cutler, Rachel Duncan, Jarrett Lennon

Member Reviews

I honestly wasn't expecting much from this one compared to the orginal, but it pleasantly exceeded my expectations. The plot kept me engaged even though I had to question why these people would allow the girl keep the dollhouse in her room. Bonus points for the tarantula/pinata scene as well.

1 week ago

I loved this starting out but it’s way too many good ideas mashed together and it becomes awful. I liked the dollhouse, the earwig wasps, the sassy zombie dad and the demon puppets/costumes, but the tone is all over the place. It’s too much stuff and too many characters. I was trying to figure out who Dana was because she was super familiar and imo outshone the rest of the cast, and it’s Laurie from That 70s Show! Sadly when looking this up I found out she died 10 years ago while having bad times :(

1 week ago

good movie

2 months ago

ppl love to hate on my childhood movies it doesn't bother me

3 months ago

Some of the makeup for this film helped with the atmosphere, but overall this was pretty poor movie.

5 months ago