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Anything for Jackson

Anything for Jackson

Directed by Justin G. Dyck

After losing their only grandson in a car accident, grief stricken Audrey and Henry kidnap a pregnant woman with dark intentions. To perform a “Reverse Exorcism”, putting little Jackson inside her unborn child. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL.

Grief stricken grandparents kidnap a pregnant woman to perform a reverse exorcism.

Cast: Sheila McCarthy, Julian Richings, Konstantina Mantelos

Member Reviews

I decided to watch this based on the trailer and the reviews posted here. I enjoyed the film 😛. There was also a funny SHITuation 😆 which was a bonus... The ending could've been better....

4 hours ago

4.2 skulls. Enjoyable. Solid film throughout, one that warrants keeping an eye on the director’s next films and looking up the scriptwriter.

1 day ago

Consistently scary and well-made. Definitely recommend, and one of my favorite Shudder originals.

2 days ago

Really good! Original story and great cast. Who doesn’t love Julian Richings? I like everything about it except the excessive amount of contortionist body horror. I think horror movies lean a little too hard with that kind of thing, making the ghosts all bendy and crab walking backwards and stuff. Besides that though it’s hard to find anything wrong with this movie. Nice and spooky with a good amount of demons and ghosts! 👍

3 days ago

Very good! Enjoyed it a lot! Bit gruesome but creepy and interesting. Worth a watch!

1 week ago