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Directed by Armando Crispino

This lurid giallo stars Mimsy Farmer (FOUR FLIES ON GREY VELVET) as a morgue worker who begins investigating a series of suicides that she comes to suspect may actually be murders. Helping her with the case is a priest who’s prone to violent outbursts. Could his short fuse be because his sister was a recent victim - or is he the man behind the crimes? The only thing certain in this fast-paced fright film is that nothing is certain. The opening suicide montage, followed by a horrific hallucination scene, sets the story off and running down a very dark path.

This lurid giallo follows a morgue worker investigating a series of suicides that may really be murders.

Cast: Mimsy Farmer, Barry Primus, Ray Lovelock

Member Reviews

what did i just watch?!

1 month ago

Not bad. Fun/not so fun editing but a good giallo overall

2 months ago

Not sure what they were going for, but it missed for me.

2 months ago

Classic giallo, they just don't make them like they used to.

3 months ago

Missing the usual stylized and gory murder set pieces and black gloved killer one would associate with giallo, but otherwise a solid Italian thriller. Mimsy Farmer once again portrays a mentally frail heroine. Rome in the 1970s looks spectacular. A couple of genuinely disturbing moments involving actual images of murder victims and suicides.

3 months ago