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Directed by Armando Crispino

This lurid giallo stars Mimsy Farmer (FOUR FLIES ON GREY VELVET) as a morgue worker who begins investigating a series of suicides that she comes to suspect may actually be murders. Helping her with the case is a priest who’s prone to violent outbursts. Could his short fuse be because his sister was a recent victim - or is he the man behind the crimes? The only thing certain in this fast-paced fright film is that nothing is certain. The opening suicide montage, followed by a horrific hallucination scene, sets the story off and running down a very dark path.

This lurid giallo follows a morgue worker investigating a series of suicides that may really be murders.

Cast: Mimsy Farmer, Barry Primus, Ray Lovelock

Member Reviews

For months, my main complaint about this was that it was always on shudder tv, in a sort of endless loop with Mario Argento's OPERA. More ghastly than frightening, but there's a place for that. The plot eludes me. I'd probably give it three and a half stars if i could.

4 days ago

Starts off strong felt creepy and cool and yes the story was good but it really just goes all over the place within the first hour. You easily start to lose track of which direction the movie is trying to go in and that kind of lost me ultimately. Ended up being an ok watch definitely not horrible but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone either.

2 weeks ago

I watched this, so you won't have to.

3 months ago

This has been on my 'must see' list for several years, with Mimsy Farmer having starred in many giallos (as have other cast members). It was worth the watch, although the story felt a bit thin. Its a shame that some commenters feel that Shudder films are 'garbage'; everyone views art differently and I personally enjoyed The Elevator Game for example, but wasn't a huge fan of Angry Black Frankenstein, although the intention and acting were thoughtful and smart. Shudder is miles ahead of other similar platforms.

4 months ago

Trying to catch the few classics that are still here before October 1st because I canceled my subscription. More classic movies like this and less garbage movies like The Elevator Game and Angry Black Frankenstein and perhaps Shudder wouldn't be hemorrhaging subscribers like it is.

7 months ago