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Berberian Sound Studio

Berberian Sound Studio

Directed by Peter Strickland

A sound mixer working on an Dario Argento-style giallo is drawn into a surreal nightmare in Peter Strickland’s critically acclaimed homage to ‘70s Italian horror. Toby Jones (THE MIST) stars as the master Foley artist who’s brought to Italy to work on a gruesome gore flick. As he starts stabbing vegetables and going to further extremes to make the disturbing sound effects, the line between what’s real and what’s fiction starts to break down - a scary but apt metaphor for both the process of creating cinema and the experience of viewing it. Stylish and chilling.

A sound mixer working on an Argento-style giallo is drawn into a surreal nightmare.

Cast: Toby Jones, Antonio Mancino, Fatma Mohamed, Tonia Sotiropoulou

Member Reviews

was hoping for way more gore...much more of a psychological thriller

1 month ago

Excellent psychological horror with Toby Jones. The way the movie lets you imagine the horrors of the film within the film using only sound effects is brilliant. Sometimes less is more. The only thing stopping me from giving it five skulls is the ending felt too rushed. Otherwise, it's very much worth watching.

1 month ago

although theres note worthy craft happening here it just didn't cinnect with me

1 month ago

Kind of slow and boring to me. I can see why people like it…. it just wasn’t really my kinda flick

2 months ago

Atmospheric, non-linear, great cinematography for so few locations, and of course excellent sound. Peter Strickland's films are not to everyone's taste, but if you prefer atmosphere to plot and have a soft spot for 70's era Italian and Spanish horror, this is for you.

3 months ago