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Directed by Don Keeslar

Dynamite fishing in a rural swamp revives a prehistoric gill monster that must have the blood of human females in order to survive.

Dynamite fishing revives a prehistoric gill monster.

Cast: Gloria DeHaven, Aldo Ray, Marshall Thompson

Member Reviews

Someone needs to flush this one down the bog.

1 week ago

If there was ever a movie I wished had a much bigger budget, it's Bog. It could have been a real classic. It's the perfect movie to put on and giggle your way through, but every time I see it, I just imagine how much better it actually could've been. Any glimmer of hope, was erased by their shoestring budget. Not a completely unenjoyable movie, as it has enough campiness to entertain, but very lackluster all around.

1 month ago

I always wondered what became of ole Sigmund The Sea Monster...

2 months ago

Definitely not the worst, but it is very, very slow for the genre. The hard scientific analysis and discussion throughout the film were the only elements carrying me through. Then, BWAHAHAHAHA! - the creature. OMFG. Teh creecher. Most of this movie is background noise, but the hard science is sexy, as is the romance.

4 months ago

Quite possibly the worst movie ever made, and that's saying something!

5 months ago