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Cannibal Man

Cannibal Man

Directed by Eloy de la Iglesia

After accidentally killing a man, a poor butcher named Marco embarks on a murderous frenzy to cover up the crime, killing his girlfriend who wants to tell the police and then a series of other people. Marco starts disposing of the bodies in his slaughterhouse, but it doesn’t really solve the problem, which button-pushing Spanish director Eloy de la Iglesia subtly suggests (as Pablo Larrain did in 2008’s TONY MANERO) might have something to do with life under an oppressive and violent dictatorship - like Franco’s - which often pushes citizens to a breaking point.

After accidentally killing a man, a butcher embarks on a murderous frenzy to cover up the crime.

Cast: Vicente Parra, Emma Cohen, Eusebio Poncela

Member Reviews

Surprisngly good.

3 months ago

As a 25 year old horror lover, this film is magnificent and timeless.

5 months ago

i saw this movie a while ago& liked it so much i painted my own poster for it & hung it on the wall of my then-rented room. i also wondered why more people hadnt seen it. but here it is now, i love that parallels are drawn with franco- people in his meat grinder. like the haunting& haunted Spanish film with charlie chaplin's daughter- i think it should be on shudder,but i cant remember the title- something crows? anyway,watch cannibal man,for gross out,politics,or thrills ! i love the images- consuming our own- wow.

7 months ago

This well made film is surprisingly engaging despite being 50+ years old and foreign (Spanish). It meaningfully explores timeless themes like social isolation, class structures and authoritarianism (General Franco's "kind" Inspectors need to see your ID, sir!) within the context of a horror movie that remains entertaining.

9 months ago

Good premise, good acting. Somehow the visuals and cinematography still hold up. Overall much better than you'd expect from a 70's movie on here. Highly recommend. The plot did get a bit repetative during the killing spree, but finished with a good ending.

1 year ago