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Can't Take It Back

Can't Take It Back

Directed by Tim Shechmeister

When two drunk teen girls jokingly post mean comments on a dead classmate’s Facebook page, they receive a chilling clapback from beyond the grave. Morgan’s spirit is mad, and if Kristen can’t figure out how to fight back, she’ll soon be joining her in the afterlife. Like UNFRIENDED and IT FOLLOWS, CAN’T TAKE IT BACK is a wicked modern twist on the teen supernatural terror genre. Featuring a breakout performance by OUIJA’s Ana Coto and co-starring YouTube star Logan Paul, CAN’T TAKE IT BACK will make you think twice about the unkind things you post online…. A SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE Contains strong language, violence and gore.

A vengeful spirit goes after two girls who posted mean comments on her Facebook page.

Cast: Noah Centineo, Ivanna Sakhno, Logan Paul

Member Reviews

Surprisingly good! Much better than expected! Some effects are a bit cheap looking but over all it doesn’t take away from anything, definitely worth a watch!

1 month ago

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

2 months ago

Why was one the Paul boys in this? 😒

2 months ago

i enjoyed the film , 5 skulls

2 months ago

I watched this hoping / for Logan Paul's gruesome death. / So disappointed.

2 months ago