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Children of the Corn

Children of the Corn

Directed by Fritz Kiersch

A couple must escape from a town of evil kids in this Stephen King short-story adaptation that spawned seven sequels. Burt and Vicky (Linda Hamilton) are traveling through Nebraska until an accident leads them to a town where twisted tykes obey a kiddie preacher (John Franklin, THE ADDAMS FAMILY's Cousin Itt) who demands all adults must be sacrificed to an evil entity who lives in the cornfield. Mixing elements of the '70s horror classic WHO CAN KILL A CHILD? and Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery", COTC is a must-see for any fan of King's tale and '80s horror.

A couple must escape from a town of evil kids in this scary Stephen King adaptation.

Cast: Peter Horton, Linda Hamilton, R.G. Armstrong

Member Reviews

The short story by Stephen King is incredibly disturbing. This film pales in comparison. A horror film with a lot of filler. However, there are some great scenes, and Linda Hamilton does a great job in every movie she's in. It's fun to watch her be the voice of reason.

3 weeks ago

It's a classic, but contains just about every trope in a horror movie you could wish for.

3 months ago

Not great but not bad. No harm in spending two hours watching it but i probably wont watch again.

3 months ago

Not bad, not great. Definite nostalgia though.

3 months ago

It was a ok movie. Probably won’t watch again but it blows a few hours

4 months ago