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Christmas Evil

Christmas Evil

Directed by Lewis Jackson

A man obsessed with Santa Claus snaps and goes on a yuletide killing spree in this utterly deranged Christmas horror fable that John Waters called “the greatest Christmas movie of all time.” Harry is a schmuck and both kids and adults treat him like garbage. But they wouldn’t be so mean if they knew he was keeping track of them on his “naughty list.” After Harry’s nut gets cracked, he starts delivering deadly justice to bad boys and girls - leading to a jaw-dropping finale you won’t see coming. A perverse and hilarious antidote to the holiday season. Contains strong language, sexual scenes, violence and gore.

A man obsessed with Santa Claus snaps and goes on a yuletide killing spree.

Cast: Brandon Maggart, Jeffrey DeMunn, Dianne Hull

Member Reviews

And the point was...? That was not good. There was no point.

4 days ago

Yes! This is what I needed. My favorite killer Santa movie, it's just plain fun. It leans into the naughty and nice aspects, juxtaposed with would be Santa's possible schizophrenia.

1 week ago

Love this movie honestly

2 weeks ago

That description + most of these reviews seem to be about anouther movie The movie I saw was about an evil Santa who targets a young boy, very cool movie.

1 month ago


3 months ago