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Christmas Presence

Christmas Presence

Directed by James Edward Cook

A group of friends gather for the Holiday season in a remote lodge, but plans go awry when someone goes missing and the truth is disclosed. Christmas quickly turns to chaos and a bloody nightmare ensues in this eerie yuletide terror. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL.

A Friendsmas quickly turns to chaos and a bloody nightmare ensues.

Cast: Charlotte Atkinson, Elsie Bennett, Lorna Brown

Member Reviews

Bad acting, 2D characters, sh*te ending

1 month ago

What happened to these people 🥹

3 months ago

Rubbish, the first few miwere great, but then it just goes downhill and doesn't go anywhere. I was bored and it was just annoying and not good at all. Check it out, you might like it, but I'm on to the next.

3 months ago

I really like this movie. IMO it's not transphobic or homophobic. The character just says she doesn't like how lbgtq hype is shoved down our throat by media. And she's not wrong. Really good twist and turns. I've been thinking about this movie since I first saw it. Glad I remembered it was this one.

5 months ago


7 months ago