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Directed by Ryszard Bugajski

A white lawyer arrives at a remote area in Northern Ontario to defend Indigenous activists who are blocking a logging company's clearcut of old growth on their land. A pacifist by nature, and perceiving himself as sympathetic to Indigenous concerns, he finds his values shaken when he is paired with an angry, rogue Indigenous activist named Arthur - played by one of Canada's most towering and beloved actors, Graham Greene - who insists on kidnapping the head of the logging company to take him deep into the forest - where he hopes to teach him the price of his destruction.

A white lawyer finds his values shaken when he is paired with an angry Indigenous activist who insists on kidnapping the head of a logging company to teach him the price of his destruction.

Cast: Ron Lea, Graham Greene, Michael Hogan, Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman, Tia Smith

Member Reviews

Not the worst movie I've seen. Don't understand the high praise, a simple moral ambiguity I guess but nothing phenomenal. Relax people.

1 month ago

Fantastic performances all around. More Canadian horror should be like this. It has something to say, but never feels preachy. Worth checking out.

2 months ago

excellent. wasn't sure what to expect initially but there was extremely clever dialogue and an unnerving quality to the scenes. creepy, mystic, and thoughtful. more of a thriller, nothing too violent, but tension all the way through

3 months ago

Great film that is worth watching. Very much not a 'horror' movie but something that offers a solid message for its viewers. Very much enjoy this genre being a wider part of Shudder selections. 4.5/5 and a great performance from Graham Greene.

3 months ago

Graham Greene is indeed a great actor. Particularly during the early 1980s, which was an incredibly dark era in Hollywood marked by dreadful acting performances, actors were notably unsuccessful. However, Graham Greene has graced this film with a fine performance. Besides that, the film features two stoned characters with low IQs, and dramatically depicts the Native Americans’ attachment to nature, their homes, and their homelands. While the film seems normal at the beginning, it becomes quite dark towards the end. This probably mirrors the tragic history that Native Americans have experienced before. While enjoying nature and living in places like paradise, suddenly the white man comes and extinguishes the peace pipes. But while I was enjoying my peace pipe, I watched this fine movie from the 80s and I enjoyed it. Therefore, I would give it four skulls/stars.

3 months ago