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Combat Shock

Combat Shock

Directed by Buddy Giovinazzo

This low-budget cult classic follows a Vietnam veteran's slow descent into madness after failing to adjust to life upon returning home. Writer/director/producer Buddy Giovinazzo made his indelible debut with this nihilistic saga of Vietnam vet Frankie's (Ricky Giovinazzo) desperate pursuit to save his family from the horrors of poverty and urban squalor. Culminating in one of the most brutal climaxes ever committed to celluloid, this unforgiving masterwork remains as controversial, disturbing and relevant as it was at the height of Reagan's America. Contains violence and gore.

This low-budget cult classic follows a Vietnam veteran's slow descent into madness.

Cast: Rick Giovinazzo, Veronica Stork, Mitch Maglio

Member Reviews

Not bad.

20 hours ago

Definitely an exploitation film, but probably could have been that and more with the script tweaked in certain aspects.

21 hours ago

As several people articulated, the best description of this film is Eraserhead meets Taxi Driver. This film was made in the 80s but has the soul of the early 70s. Incredibly depressing and dark. The ending is quite disturbing. I love the fact that it was shot in 16mm. I'm not sure what else to say that others haven't already said. You can interpret many, many things about this film including the effects of the Vietnam war, mental health issues with all strata of population, the ineffectual welfare system, disregard of people on the fringes, etc... I found and ordered a dvd copy on ebay that has a commentary. (Interestingly, the more recent 2022 bluray edition is missing the commentary). I'll probably only watch this one more time with the commentary, and then not watch it again. But despite that, I wanted this dvd in my collection. If you like Taxi Driver, Eraserhead, and are interested in urban depravity, then this film is one you should at least consider watching.

2 days ago

A dismal, low budget masterpiece that is unbelievably disturbing as it is well made. Big fans of Buddy G around these parts.

3 days ago

Solid Flick if you are seeking a low budget experience and you are looking for non-pretentious :) No complaints

3 days ago