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Dark Glasses

Dark Glasses

Directed by Dario Argento

In the highly anticipated return of master of horror, Dario Argento, an eclipse blocks out the sun, blackening the skies on a hot summer day - harbinger of the darkness that will envelop Diana when a serial killer chooses her as prey. Fleeing her predator, the young escort crashes her car and loses her sight. She emerges from the initial shock determined to fight for her life, but she is no longer alone. Defending her and acting as her eyes is a little boy, Chin, who survived the car accident. But the killer won't give up his victim. Who will be saved? A SHUDDER ORIGINAL

To hunt the serial killer who blinded her, Diana must use a young boy as her eyes. The new thriller from master of horror, Dario Argento.

Cast: Asia Argento, Ilena Pastorelli, Andrea Gherpelli, Maria Rosa Russo, Mario Pirrello

Member Reviews

Really enjoyed this movie! Interesting perspective and idea for this type of movie. Effective portrayal of helplessness.

3 weeks ago

I had never given much thought to watching this because these Argento movies are basically all the same and I didn't even realize this was newer. I thought this was one of his best honestly for me anyways, it had great score and music, story was unique and fresh with good scary parts . Killer was ok you could guess it'd be him, hilarious that they kept calling him the Chinese kid lol, alot of suspense and kills, ending is too abrupt and strange for my liking but I liked this one alot .

1 month ago

I'm a big Argento fan but this was a huge let down. Bad script, bad music and definitely bad acting. Plus, did anyone notice that the poster art looks exactly like "They Live?" Nothing original with this stinker. Terrible!!

1 month ago

I’m an Argento fan but this wasn’t for me at all. The main character was so annoying - every time the killer was near she started yelling instead of staying quiet. She annoyed me so much that by the end I just wanted her dead.

2 months ago

Surprisingly good

2 months ago