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Darker Than Night

Darker Than Night

Directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada

Four beautiful women move to an old house, inherited by the aunt of one of them, and witness strange things.

Four beautiful women move to an old creepy house.

Cast: Claudia Islas, Susana Dosamantes, Lucía Méndez

Member Reviews

Slow, but so full of great gothic atmosphere. Takes a bit to get to them but some nice, creepy scenes. This is perfect for fans of films like The House that Screamed or The Haunting.

1 month ago

Let all who see this / learn: when you inherit cats, / you don't mess with them.

4 months ago

Stop saying that movies are in English when they are not.

7 months ago

Another one I remember watching with my mom

7 months ago

Very European in its style and sensibilities. Loved it!

8 months ago