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Day of the Animals

Day of the Animals

Directed by William Girdler

A group of animal lovers are hunted by killer critters during a camping trip in this over-the-top cult classic from B-movie maestro William Girdler. Leslie Nielsen, Lynda Day George and Ruth Roman are among the campers whose hike turns into a death march when bears, birds, bugs and more start attacking. Though the campy attempts at staging the kills often induce more laughter than fear, especially the scene in which Nielsen fights a bear rug, DOTA still offers jolting thrills for all fans of the animal attack genre.

A group of animal lovers are hunted by killer critters during a camping trip.

Cast: Christopher George, Leslie Nielsen, Lynda Day George

Member Reviews

it is still the best scary movie i have ever watched!

1 month ago

Christopher George versus the animals, one last time.

2 months ago

if you're like me and i know i am.. you've always wanted to see Frank Drebbin from The Naked Gun go flippin' nuts from ultra violet rays and turn into a growling rapist who kills a guy with a tree branch and then thinks it wise to wrestle a grizzly bear. hell yeah!!

3 months ago

Had no idea Leslie Nielsen was in this one. Grew up with him being a comedy guy, only now finding out he was a "serious" actor before Airplane! Even in this film, I can totally see why. The man was a believable asshole. The movie was exactly what I expected from a 70s animal attack horror. Anyone who says this movie was boring, I dare you to watch Ben.

4 months ago

Great animal movie, thank you. A real comedy and I loved it

5 months ago