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Day of the Animals

Day of the Animals

Directed by William Girdler

A group of animal lovers are hunted by killer critters during a camping trip in this over-the-top cult classic from B-movie maestro William Girdler. Leslie Nielsen, Lynda Day George and Ruth Roman are among the campers whose hike turns into a death march when bears, birds, bugs and more start attacking. Though the campy attempts at staging the kills often induce more laughter than fear, especially the scene in which Nielsen fights a bear rug, DOTA still offers jolting thrills for all fans of the animal attack genre.

A group of animal lovers are hunted by killer critters during a camping trip.

Cast: Christopher George, Leslie Nielsen, Lynda Day George

Member Reviews

A wonderful escapist/nature run amok film. It surpasses Grizzly hands down and has a slew of character actors that we would never see in much bigger productions. George and Neilsen worked well together and most of the sequences involving animals were a step above what you would expect. It makes it all more regrettable that Gridler wasn't able to make more movie's

3 weeks ago

Goes to show what great acting range that Leslie Neilson had.

1 month ago

"I am serious, and don't call me Shirley!"

1 month ago

Made when movies were still about entertaining the audience, regardless of how goofy, outrageous, and unrealistic the plot was. I miss THAT Hollywood.

2 months ago

I saw this in 77 when I was 13. Hear me out kiddies, this total mess of 70s horror is really cult film material. Like frogs and the incredible two head transplant. All where bad. But this has Leslie Neilson without a shirt cutting down brush with a walking cane and then attempting to rape a young female camper. “I take what I what and I want you, come here baby” before getting eaten by a grizzly. Priceless

2 months ago