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Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried

Directed by Gary Sherman

In Potter's Bluff, unsuspecting visitors are being brutally murdered by groups of locals. But when the sheriff starts to investigate, he uncovers a dark conspiracy involving voodoo, witchcraft and his own wife! Gary Sherman's Bradbury-esque chiller boasts an impressive horror pedigree, including effects by Stan Winston, a script from the writers of ALIEN, and Robert Englund in a supporting role. But the scary standout is surely WILLY WONKA's Jack Albertson, who delivers a wonderfully wicked performance as the creepy town mortician with some long-buried secrets.

Unsuspecting visitors to a small town are being murdered by groups of locals.

Cast: Robert Englund, James Farentino, Melody Anderson, Jack Albertson

Member Reviews

watch this instead of darklands.& WICKER MAN above all ! true cult film- i mean,these are real cults. Darklands looked a lot like refugee or laid off cirque de Soleil players desperately trying to keep the dream alive,a director who knew nothing of what he filmed( & the writer should be a sacrifice- to good writers),so let this movie& Chris lee&eddie woodward's wicker man be your doorway into cults. not darklands,a so wanna-be flick about cults,just reminded me of my weekends at the Oaktown welding&fire festivals, only those were with truly dark artists, really great industrial music- & yes, horror people,only self abuse distributed,no animal cruelty- fake or not it's just a turn- off. Darklands, probably real animal cruelty- rumours of same on wicker man. but at least they knew what they were filming about- like this movie. small enough town seaside spooky- like the outback & hey, kiwi or outback where is the great Cars that ate Paris ??!!?!

5 days ago

very good indeed..

1 week ago

I really actually liked this a lot and I LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing Mr.Englund even if a very minor role.

1 month ago

Fine chiller.

2 months ago


2 months ago