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Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried

Directed by Gary Sherman

In Potter's Bluff, unsuspecting visitors are being brutally murdered by groups of locals. But when the sheriff starts to investigate, he uncovers a dark conspiracy involving voodoo, witchcraft and his own wife! Gary Sherman's Bradbury-esque chiller boasts an impressive horror pedigree, including effects by Stan Winston, a script from the writers of ALIEN, and Robert Englund in a supporting role. But the scary standout is surely WILLY WONKA's Jack Albertson, who delivers a wonderfully wicked performance as the creepy town mortician with some long-buried secrets.

Unsuspecting visitors to a small town are being murdered by groups of locals.

Cast: Robert Englund, James Farentino, Melody Anderson, Jack Albertson

Member Reviews

incredible this movie is very good💋

1 day ago

This movie had a good plot and the actors did a good job. The practical effects were very well-done. Welcome to Porter's Bluff!

3 weeks ago

Almost perfect! The setting, the acting and the effects are terrific. I love going back to this movie again and again. Watch it with Joe Bob if you can as well!

1 month ago

Good movie! Love the era and the movie was great!

1 month ago

Not sure why I like this movie so much… every once in a while you find a cult classic with otherwise mediocre reviews that you really mesh with. That’s this for me

2 months ago