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Dead Shack

Dead Shack

Directed by Peter Ricq

On a weekend getaway at a rundown cottage in the woods, a 14-year-old teen, his crude best friend, and his best friend’s fearless older sister will have to grow up, work together, and save their hard-partying parents from their predatory cabin neighbor intent on feeding them all to her undead family. A SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE. Contains strong language, violence and gore.

While staying at a run-down cabin in the woods, three children must save their parents from the neighbour who intends to feed them to her undead family.

Cast: Cameron Andres, Lizzie Boys, Hannah Rochelle Burr

Member Reviews

it's alright

1 week ago

This movie is the perfect example of why I love shudder, it was so fun to watch everything unfold. A zombie flick with plenty of gores kills and funny parts also, the characters were typical teenagers who could be kind of annoying. I think the movie was done just as it should have been not saying its a masterpiece but I sure liked this one.

1 week ago

If the writing had been better, I think would have enjoyed this more.

3 weeks ago

Not sure why all the hate, few small twists on a basic zombie tale

3 weeks ago

Good zombie flick.

1 month ago