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Directed by Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter

Deadstream follows a disgraced internet personality who tries to win back his followers by livestreaming himself at an abandoned haunted house. When he accidentally unleashes a vengeful spirit, his comeback event becomes a real-time fight for his life. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL

In this audacious box of horrors, an internet personality tries to win back followers by livestreaming himself in a haunted house.

Cast: Joseph Winter, Melanie Stone

Member Reviews

Skip #Chadgetstheaxe and watch this instead.

12 hours ago

this was so freaking fun!

13 hours ago

Movie was really good. it’s like a modern day evil dead… I enjoyed it very much

2 days ago

That was actually a lot better than I had expected it would be. Incredibly cheesy, but a lot of fun, and worth a watch.

2 days ago

super fun movie, even as a rewatch! I would put this in the same category as the cleansing hour, and hope that shudder makes a few more like this.

2 days ago