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Directed by Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter

Deadstream follows a disgraced internet personality who tries to win back his followers by livestreaming himself at an abandoned haunted house. When he accidentally unleashes a vengeful spirit, his comeback event becomes a real-time fight for his life. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL

In this audacious box of horrors, an internet personality tries to win back followers by livestreaming himself in a haunted house.

Cast: Joseph Winter, Melanie Stone

Member Reviews

The actor they picked is super obnoxious but this movie is just stupid enough to be funny. Definitely not scary though lol.

16 hours ago

He’s annoying af

1 day ago

Actor was terrible and annoying . Almost cut it off.

1 day ago

This movie was more fun than it had any right to be. The protagonists is infectiously obnoxious. The film made the most out of a shoestring budget.

3 days ago

I have watched this movie several times and have found new things to laugh at each time. It is a great horror comedy.

4 days ago