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Deathstalker II

Deathstalker II

Directed by Jim Wynorski

Hero Deathstalker (John Terlesky) helps Princess Evie (Monique Gabrielle) reclaim her throne from a sorcerer (John La Zar) and his Princess Evie clone.

Deathstalker and Princess Evie take battle and quest on.

Cast: John Terlesky, Monique Gabrielle, John Lazar, Toni Naples, Maria Socas, Marcos Woinsky, Dee Booher, Jacques Arndt, Carina Davi, Jim Wynorski

Member Reviews

This is hot dumpster juice but so much fun!! it seems way more self-aware compared to the first one. Complete trash, but it's well worth the watch if you are in the mood.

4 days ago

Where the original tries and mostly fails to be sort of serious, Deathstalker II fully embraces the cheese and is a much better movie for it. The action is faster paced, the dialogue is pretty much exclusively silly one liners and the women are as topless as ever. It's still a B movie but it's a self aware one. My only gripe is the ending feels a bit rushed and anticlimactic.

5 days ago

I liked it better than part one; more humor, likable actors and better dialogues.

2 weeks ago

That was amazing! (The outtakes during the credits) The film is just cheesy 80s goodness... and Monique Gabrielle's talents on display! More cheezie than the first film in the series, but the end result is slightly worse, but for some reason more entertaining than "Deathstalker" the 1st film in the series - and the good news is that in this film nobody takes anything seriously. Watch for the repeated shot from the first film of the "Hoggman" eying the pig head and picking it up and taking a bite! In addition to one way overused sfx - the film has a catchy yet terrible score - why they went for a Spaghetti Western vibe I'll never know... Though be warned that the melody is catchy and you will be reliving this masterpiece sonically speaking over and over...

2 weeks ago

that was absolute garbage

3 weeks ago