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Don't Panic

Don't Panic

Directed by Rubén Galindo Jr.

It's Michael's seventeenth, and his friends have decided to surprise him with the ultimate birthday bash: breaking into his house and playing with a Ouija board. But what they think is just a harmless bit of fun quickly turns into a supernatural terror when they unwittingly summon a demonic presence named Virgil. A bonkers tribute to Nightmare on Elm Street from the king of gory Mexican horror.

For Michael's birthday, his friends brought a Ouija board, and they've summoned supernatural terror.

Cast: Jon Michael Bischof, Gabriela Hassel, Helena Rojo

Member Reviews

Hilarious flick

1 month ago

Praise the ouija board / for unleashing demons in / dinosaur PJs.

4 months ago

Good for what it is parts of it were funny more than scary still worth the watch .

4 months ago

Boring, weird, makes no sense.

5 months ago

I liked this movie. If you remind yourself it is an 80s movie and not a new movie, it's fun to watch. The "music," however, left much to be desired. That shrill noise is hard to listen too.

5 months ago