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El Pico 2

El Pico 2

Directed by Eloy de la Iglesia

EL PICO 2 continues the criminal saga of Paco, a troubled heroin addict who escaped sordid entanglements of murder and overdose, thanks to the actions of his law enforcement officer father. Under the watchful eyes of his father and grandmother, Paco struggles to free himself from the tightening grip of addiction. But salvation proves as elusive as ever, and he soon finds himself drawn back into his old life. From the dark corners of the illicit drug trade to prison and back again, EL PICO 2 is a glimpse into the hellish depths of heroin addiction and the tragedy it visits upon its victims and their families.

EL PICO 2 continues the saga of Paco, a young heroin addict who eluded criminal entanglements with the help of his police officer father.

Cast: José Luis Manzano, Fernando Guillén, Andrea Albani, Jaume Valls, José Luis Fernández 'Pirri'

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8 months ago

More please!

1 year ago

A great follow-up to El Pico. Eloy de la Iglesia is a interesting director and Shudder is doing a great job my making his films available. Two of the films they chose are clearly horror, but the other films are equally subversive and immersive.

1 year ago

WOW!! i probably would have never heard of Eloy de la Iglesia if not for Shudder, thanks!! I think having a group of his films during June (pride month) is appropriate! I can only imagine how hard it must have been to be open about his sexuality and to have such a raw and far too close to reality view into addiction, crime, sexuality, and incarceration! than one might think!! I've been a part of all those worlds minus the Spanish aspect. It always bothered me when they portrayed shooting up or smoking dope in an incorrect way! wow not here those are real needles and going into people's arms and real blood flagging back sometimes the shot is so far zoomed in that they might be using another person's arm for close ups, but I have seen when the needle is obviously hanging out of the boys' arm! I would love to hear about what was used in those scenes. Was it just water? was there a stand in arm? lol!!! So, props for this raw realistic film that is sensual and tragic! Live Fast and Die Fast Too! seems to be Eloy's mantra for making films!!! FOUR STARS!! JOE BOB SAYS, CHECK IT OUT!!

1 year ago

No thanks.

1 year ago