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Fear No Evil

Fear No Evil

Directed by Frank LaLoggia

When Lucifer is reincarnated as a teenage boy named Andrew, two archangels in human form are sent to stop him. Problem is, only Margaret knows she’s actually the angel Mikhail. High-schooler Julie hasn’t yet realized she’s really the angel Gabriel. Even worse, she’s having dirty dreams about a classmate - you guessed it - Andrew! Can the angels get together in time to stop Satan? Frank LaLoggia’s deliciously strange debut is filled with freaky must-see moments, including a sexy gay shower scene (played for horror) and a very bloody Passion play.

When the dark lord Lucifer is reincarnated as a teenage boy, two angels-in-disguise must stop him.

Cast: Stefan Arngrim, Elizabeth Hoffman, Kathleen Rowe McAllen, Frank Birney

Member Reviews

For what, I assume, was intended to be a comedy, I didn't crack a single smile, let alone a laugh. A pure Cheesetropolis . Cheese within cheese, wrapped in cheese with a side of cubed cheese.

1 week ago

lol- that trailer

3 weeks ago

Retro gem. Not sure where they dug it up from, but surprised I have not seen it before. Couple of cool 80's tracks thrown in for good measure. Have a toke and enjoy!

3 weeks ago

love this movie

1 month ago

pretty underwhelming... definetly not a Sam Raimi film

1 month ago