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Galaxy of Terror

Galaxy of Terror

Directed by Bruce Clark, Bruce D. Clark

Neurotic astronauts face a giant worm and other monsters on a distant planet.

Astronauts face space monsters on a distant planet.

Cast: Edward Albert, Erin Moran, Ray Walston, Bernard Behrens, Zalman King, Robert Englund, Taaffe O'Connell, Sid Haig, Grace Zabriskie, Jack Blessing

Member Reviews

RIP Mr Corman great cult classic

1 week ago

Way more cinematically stunning than it has any right to be.

2 weeks ago

Among the greatest cinematic achievements of all time. Second-unit directed by James Cameron, this stunning masterpiece ranks among revered classic films such as The Godfather and Rocky.

2 weeks ago

Soooo bad it was great lol

1 month ago

Most of the movie I was 2 stars and about to stop, but I got sold with the ending. Could have lived without seeing the giant bug on female tho. Definitely not Alien, but for those who like Lovecraft style horror this does scratch an itch.

1 month ago