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Give Me Pity!

Give Me Pity!

Directed by Amanda Kramer

Sissy St. Claire graces the small screen for her first ever television special, which quickly begins to curdle into a psychedelic nightmare.

A Sissy St. Claire TV special, which curdles into a nightmare.

Cast: Sophie Von Haselberg

Member Reviews

For me, this was like watching a Karen Finley performance art piece after smoking a ton of DMT. I really enjoyed it overall, but it did become a bit long-winded after 45 minutes. I will say that I thought that the lead actress was phenomenal, and she really had me hooked. Most definitely not for everyone, but those who like kitschy, weird and trippy stuff, kind of like those Adult Swim surrealist horror shorts, may get a kick out of it.

6 days ago

straight from film festival talent, took me a short time to review the utopiadistribution website they have a few movies that are my type of movie because it is real my props to the team and actors great work.

1 week ago

Unique, unscary and unwatchable. For lovers of avant garde live theater and contemporary dance only.

1 week ago

One of those films I kept thinking about hours after watching. Very weird and wild ride if your into artsy films.

1 week ago

Lefanu, give yourself credit. Sophie, is Bette M. kid. It was different, but I do get it. Sometimes you get the reality when you are an entertainment kid. You experience a lot going up and then you have to put it together.

1 week ago