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Directed by William Girdler

An enormous grizzly bear embarks on a murderous rampage in a national park, killing campers, hunters, and anyone else who gets in its way. But when rangers push to close the park, craven officials decide to keep it open. Sound familiar? A year after JAWS broke records, director William Girdler set out to cash in with a knockoff - and guess what? It worked. GRIZZLY became the top independent hit of 1976, grossing nearly $30 million dollars and inspiring many more animal attack thrillers - including Girdler's semi-sequel DAY OF THE ANIMALS the following year.

An enormous grizzly bear embarks on a murderous rampage in a national park.

Cast: Christopher George, Andrew Prine, Richard Jaeckel

Member Reviews

It’s an okay killer bear film

1 day ago

Bobby, poor little bastard

6 days ago

Très ennuyant

6 days ago

Not great. Story feels bloated. Acting is okay, but the characters are underdeveloped and many of them are just generally unlikable.

1 week ago

I remember watching this as a kid with my grandparents. The nostalgia factor is there, and it brought back a lot of memories of my pap imitating the grizzly bear for quite some time after seeing this movie. For some reason, I am remembering a different ending though. The one I keep seeing in my memory was one where the beat is lured into the spinning blades of the helicopter, and thus beheaded. Anyone else remember this or am I confusing this with another movie?

3 weeks ago