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Directed by Larry Fessenden

A grief-stricken alcoholic falls hard for a seductive woman who may be a vampire in the film that put cult indie horror director Larry Fessenden (WENDIGO, THE LAST WINTER) on the map. After his father dies and his girlfriend leaves him, Sam (Fessenden) hits up a Halloween party, where he meets the beautiful Anna. But as their relationship gets more intense, Sam realizes she may be not quite human. But is that a problem? Fessenden’s innovative low-budget horror paved the way for the directors of films like V/H/S and other low-fi fright films of today.

A grief-stricken alcoholic falls hard for a seductive woman who may be a vampire.

Cast: Larry Fessenden, Meredith Snaider, Aaron Beall

Member Reviews

Third watch I believe. Somehow I saw it the year it was released in a NYC theatre - I didn't know anything about it, but I loved it, and my memory of it lasted - haunting. Very gritty, dirty Lower East Side and city colored (I've lived in NYC half my life and it's a great picture of this great city). The acting is excellent from everyone, especially the girl who plays Anna. Gets creepier and wilder as it goes, psychological horror and enough blood - a fine independent film and a nightmare.

2 weeks ago

Great low-budget pyscho-sexual vampire flic. Larry Fessenden does it all here as writer/director/actor. He manages to create an imperfect but still sympathetic hero in way over his head. He's grieving his father, more than a little lost, and makes mistakes, which we all do in our lowest times. I love seeing what filmmakers can do with so little.

4 weeks ago

Very good.

3 months ago

one of my favorite low budget horror movies

4 months ago

Good romantic slow burn thriller type of movie when i read description i thought reverse twilight set in the 90s new york. Love the scenery and the hot scenes of course but it was decent however just way too long. Its not really horror but i appreciated it.

4 months ago