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Hard Rock Zombies

Hard Rock Zombies

Directed by Krishna Shah

A heavy metal band has been invited to appear in a conservative small town. What they don't know is that their hosts are in fact a family of horrific and murderous mutants, whose patriarch is none other than Hitler! After being swiftly murdered, Cassie, the only non-violent member of this depraved clan, wills the band back to life. Soon the stuffy townspeople are faced with an unwelcome reckoning as the zombified musicians thrash and maim their way through the community, in the name of grisly revenge...and love!

A freshly-out-of-the-grave band of Hard Rock Zombies is thirsting to take their sweet revenge, as they give the performance of a lifetime.

Cast: E.J. Curse, Sam Mann

Member Reviews

Weird wild and wacky turns into a demented music video, I loved the storyline and B movie style of movie. Way out there but good none the less if you keep an open mind.

1 day ago

I love bad movies but jeez….

2 months ago

This one is a blast. Movie rules. You got Dwarfsploitation, Nazisploitation, shower scene, the undead and the music is great. All around bonkers!

2 months ago

First time seeing it, and I loved it! Especially the music! Very entertaining!

3 months ago

it should be called glam rock zombies

4 months ago