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Hell House LLC: The Director's Cut

Hell House LLC: The Director's Cut

Directed by Stephen Cognetti

A documentary crew investigates unexplained events involving the opening night of a Halloween haunted house tour. This director's cut has 8 additional minutes of footage plus extras.

Mystery surrounds this Halloween haunted house tour tragedy.

Cast: Gore Abrams, Alice Bahlke, Danny Bellini, Theodore Bouloukos, Ryan Jennifer Jones, Jared Hacker, Phil Hess

Member Reviews

Great Movie

1 hour ago

Love this film. A found footage horror with a few genuinely creepy moments and well executed set pieces. A haunted house story that isn’t cheesy and does the usual jump scare rubbish. Definitely worth a watch

2 days ago

Incredibly well done. Especially for a movie that feels low budget, it’ll get a jump out of you.

1 week ago

Surprisingly good. Some creepy moments that I didn't expect. Could've done without the monk robes but other than that a fun movie.

1 week ago

i watchsd fhis w

1 week ago