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Hell House LLC

Hell House LLC

Directed by Stephen Cognetti

In this found-footage gem, a documentary crew visit the site of a haunted house attraction whose opening night ended with 15 unexplained deaths. Eventually the crew come across a surviving employee who has footage that shines a scary light on what really went down that night. As we watch those ill-fated thrillseekers shuffling through the horror house, the knowledge of what’s about to happen makes for a squirm-and-scream-inducing good time. Dread Central called it “a perfect fright flick for the Halloween season” which features “one of the creepiest clowns to appear in a horror movie in a long time.” Sorry Pennywise!

A documentary crew investigate a haunted house attraction whose opening night ended in horror.

Cast: Kristin Michelle Taylor, Theodore Bouloukos, Jeb Kreager, Miranda Robbins, Gore Abrams

Member Reviews

this movie sucks don't waste your time ! lies these reviews say

1 day ago

good job of scare and suspense. solid 4 to 5

2 days ago

Was well done. Kept a great tension through out. Its a good entry in the found footage genre.

2 days ago

Amazing scares! Been a while since I had to hide behind a pillow lol

6 days ago

Saw this one on a whim was not disappointed. Slow burn start but it sure paid off.

6 days ago