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Hell Night

Hell Night

Directed by Tom DeSimone

In this slasher favorite, THE EXORCIST's Linda Blair stars as one of four pledges required to spend the evening of their initiation inside the spooky Garth Manor– the site of a gruesome multiple murder years before. After the group bed down for the night, mischievous upperclassmen descend into the house, intending to scare them out of their wits...but something even more repulsive than a pack of drunken frat-boys beats them to it.

Four college pledges spend the night in a deserted old mansion, where they are stalked by the monstrous survivor of a family massacre years earlier.

Cast: Linda Blair, Vincent Van Patten, Peter Barton, Suki Goodwin, Jimmy Sturtevant

Member Reviews

To all u new generation social media kids , u will never be cool . Only those raised in the 1950s —early 90s were the last generation of cool.

1 week ago

Keeps me on the tiolet everytime. Last night the family was smacking the ceiling with a broom. "Cmon now Jeffrey, the hams getting cold!" and I stomped the floor back and shouted back down thru the vent..."I got a mean one again, im gonna be awhile, eat without me!"...."What!!!!""......"EAT WITHOUT ME!" 40 minutes later I come down. Everyones at the table staring at me. "I could hear that Hell night Jeffry." "What was I suppossed to do in there Maw?" Silence ensued as the family stared at Jeffery."You never flushed." Maw said softlyas the family all began to eat cold ham and corn.

2 months ago

a must see for TRUE horror fans not for young millennials

2 months ago

80s slasher. nothing special.

2 months ago

There's nothing here to reccomend, a slow, by the numbers, 80s slasher with nothing remotely scary or original to speak of.

2 months ago