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Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Directed by Tony Randel

In the sequel to HELLRAISER, an occult-obsessed doctor calls forth the Cenobites. After the events of the first film, Kirsty is brought to a psych ward where no one believes her story. No one, of course, except Dr. Channard, who resurrects Julia so she can take him to the Cenobites. But when the gates open, Kirsty's also drawn into the labyrinthine hellscape where horrors wait around every turn. Widely regarded as the best of the sequels, HELLBOUND's visually-stunning horror-fantasy hybrid cemented horror fans' love of the series"” and the sadistic Pinhead. Contains violence and gore.

In the sequel to HELLRAISER, an occult-obsessed doctor calls forth the Cenobites.

Cast: Doug Bradley, Ashley Laurence, Clare Higgins

Member Reviews

The finest Hellraiser film whose only competition can come from it's predecessor. Clive Barker pulled out the stops to make this a gory and satisfying possible conclusion to the the franchise before it went off the deep end by the time Pinhead and company shot out into outer space. Bigger and better with a filling final face off that'll catch you off guard on a first viewing. This is Hellraiser's zenith.

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6 days ago

perfect sequeal tbh

2 weeks ago

Part one and this are the only Hellraiser movies worth watching. No attempt to rehash the IP is worth your time, because they don’t hold a candle to part 1 or 2, even in modern day. You’d think, with the technology available, that wouldn’t be the case. Only The Hellbound Heart and the comics, part one, and this movie were written by Clive Barker. If it’s not written by him, it’s not Hellraiser, just somebody using the title and the idea of the original to waste 90+ minutes of your time.

3 weeks ago