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Directed by Rob Savage

Six friends get together during lockdown for their weekly zoom call. It's Haley’s turn to organise an activity and instead of a quiz, she’s arranged for a Medium to conduct a séance. Bored and feeling mischievous, Jemma decides to have some fun and invents a story about a boy in her school who hanged himself. However, her prank gives license for a demonic presence to cross over, taking on the guise of the boy in Jemma’s made-up story. The friends begin noticing strange occurrences in their homes as the evil presence begins to make itself known, and they soon realise that they might not survive the night. A SHUDDER ORIGINAL.

During an online séance, six friends accidentally invite the attention of a demonic presence.

Cast: Haley Bishop, Radina Drandova, Jemma Moore, Caroline Ward, Emma Webb, Edward Linard

Member Reviews

absolutely terrifying. glad it's only 56 minutes long because I couldn't take much more of that. I'm literally afraid to get out of bed right now.

6 days ago

This was so much better than I thought it was gonna be! I was afraid it would be terrible, honestly. It surprised me that it was only an hour long, but the run time is actually perfect. Has good atmosphere, genuine creepy moments and a couple well timed jump scares. I really fucking enjoyed this lol.

1 week ago

Quite enjoyable.

1 week ago

This movie was phenomenally better than unfriended - Brenton

1 week ago

got some screams out of me

1 week ago