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In Their Skin

In Their Skin

Directed by Jeremy Power Regimbal

Selma Blair stars in this terrifying home invasion thriller about a family whose vacation home is besieged by a murderous family intent on taking their lives and identities.

A wealthy family are menaced by a psychotic family who want their life.

Cast: Selma Blair, James D'arcy, Joshua Close, Rachel Miner

Member Reviews

Predictable plot line. Wasn't awful, but ending was poorly done. Acting was good for actors we have never heard of before.
2 days ago

It was great, but I tell you if I was the dude in this family, this movie would be about 10 minutes long because I would have told the murder family to fuck right off after they woke me up early on the first day of my vacation. These people were way too patient

1 week ago

a predictable but very watchable thriller. Has some very uncomfortable, tense scenes.

1 week ago

Actually quite entertaining

1 month ago

We’ll acted and creepy,unsettling. Nothing new in the home invasion genre, but done very well i

1 month ago