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Directed by Miguel Angel Vivas

A wealthy family struggle to survive when violent kidnappers break in one night and try to get them to hand over as much money as possible. Jaime, Marta and their daughter Isabel have just moved into a luxurious new house. But before they can turn in for the evening, three hooded men burst into the house, and start to torment them in fearsome fashion. Part of a recent wave of Spanish horror films that pull no punches in depicting extreme terror, KIDNAPPED could join home-invasion horror films THEM, YOU'RE NEXT, INSIDE and FUNNY GAMES in a brutal box-set. (Dubbed in English)

A wealthy family struggles to survive when violent kidnappers break in one night.

Cast: Fernando Cayo, Manuela Velles, Ana Wagener

Member Reviews

Shudder- please don't stream dubbed films. I saw this movie in it's original Spanish which is more effective. It is one of the best home invasion films. Watcher beware- it's psychologically relentless and violent. A must see if you like films like the original FUNNY GAMES.

2 months ago

genuinely the worst dubbing i've ever heard. makes it nearly unwatchable

3 months ago

It's voice dubbed. And the voice dubbing is really bad. I've watched Korean horror tv series with way better dubbing.

3 months ago

3.5/5 - "forgettable". while the sound is distracting the violence and acting is still pretty killer. decent slow-burn kidnapping film, nothing special or new.

3 months ago

As others have said, the sound is distracting, but the movie is ok. It is a decent home-invasion story which could have used a bit more violence.

3 months ago