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Knife + Heart

Knife + Heart

Directed by Yann Gonzalez

Paris, Summer 1979. Anne (French superstar Vanessa Paradis) produces third-rate gay porn. When one of her actors is brutally murdered, Anne is caught up in a strange investigation that turns her life upside-down. An ultra-stylish and blood-soaked ode to ’70s-era De Palma, Argento, and Friedkin, shot on 35mm and featuring a killer retro score from M83.

Paris, 1979. Someone is brutally murdering the cast of gay porn in this stylish new vision of queer horror.

Cast: Vanessa Paradis, Kate Moran, Nicolas Maury

Member Reviews

The story is simple but effectively narrated. What takes this movie to the “work of art” level is the setting/wardrobe design and cinematography. Don’t get me wrong; acting and script are superb, but none of that would appear as convincing as it does without the amazing recreation of the 1970s atmosphere. It is difficult to believe this was filmed in 2018. Must watch.

1 week ago

didn’t really care for the plot tbh however the film is artsy and cool !

1 month ago


2 months ago

engrossing and beautiful.

2 months ago

Loved it. Gay French giallo, executed perfectly. The kind of movie I’ll recommend to others.

3 months ago