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Directed by Frida Kempff

After suffering a traumatic incident, Molly moves into a new apartment to begin her path to recovery, but it’s not long after her arrival that a series of persistent knocks and screams begin to wake her up at night. Molly’s new life begins to unravel as the screams intensify and no one else in the building believes or is willing to help her.

After moving into an apartment, a series of persistent knocks & screams unravel Molly's newly formed life.

Cast: Cecilia Milocco, Albin Grenholm, Alexander Salzberger

Member Reviews


1 week ago

Good but slow moving

5 months ago

so good

5 months ago

I'd give a higher rating if there was clarification of what actually happened to put our main character in the situation she's now in; it's constantly teased with a little more of a reveal each time only for it to never fully be clarified. Very slow burn but this is done deliberately. Great commentary on how society views women who are labelled as mentally ill and there are some beautiful shots.

6 months ago

Slow burn with a perfect pay-off, good acting and a heartbreaking story. Well worth a watch.

6 months ago