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Directed by Natasha Kermani

May, a self help author with all the answers, suddenly finds herself stalked by a masked man who mysteriously reappears every night. Even when she kills him. May struggles to get help from the people around her as she fights to stay alive. Is this paranoia, or is she doomed to accept her new reality? A SHUDDER ORIGINAL.

The story of a woman and a mysterious masked man. He reappears every night, even when she kills him. A mind-bending slasher from Natasha Kermani and Brea Grant.

Cast: Brea Grant, Hunter C. Smith, Dhruv Uday Singh

Member Reviews

not good

1 week ago

Dialogue and delivery is so bad, I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be satire?

2 weeks ago

I liked the idea of the movie. The ending is such a cop out in every way unfortunately. It had potential to be go to an interesting place and be unique but either it was over edited or the writers just didn’t have it. Disappointed but still memorable in a strange way.

2 weeks ago

Skip it.

2 weeks ago

Yeah so, can confirm negative reviews are indeed from incels xD This was increadibly, not only a very well made, beautiful movie but also a very powerful movie. I mean you're free to like it or dislike it, it's not perfect. But it says everything about you if you leave just one skull, this is clearly quality.

2 weeks ago