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Directed by Natasha Kermani

May, a self help author with all the answers, suddenly finds herself stalked by a masked man who mysteriously reappears every night. Even when she kills him. May struggles to get help from the people around her as she fights to stay alive. Is this paranoia, or is she doomed to accept her new reality? A SHUDDER ORIGINAL.

The story of a woman and a mysterious masked man. He reappears every night, even when she kills him. A mind-bending slasher from Natasha Kermani and Brea Grant.

Cast: Brea Grant, Hunter C. Smith, Dhruv Uday Singh

Member Reviews

The Venn diagram of men in this comment section who think 'what if we exaggerated women's actual lived experiences to the most dramatic conclusion, because it is horrific?' is 'propaganda' of some sort and the men who fundamentally misunderstood Fight Club is a circle. The film is a creative idea and at times painful to watch, but the execution is a bit lacking. Probably won't watch again, but it's not awful.

5 hours ago

Not the worst slasher movie I've ever seen (that bar is deep below the ground) but the main device seemed derived from Armistice (2013) or even Jacob's Ladder (1990), two much better movies. The horror FX are competent but unexceptional and the themes, while understandable, came off as beating the viewer over the head with misandrist paranoia, using self-important hysterics to justify hateful, fearful otherizing.

4 days ago

This film reminded me of the Margaret Atwood quote, “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” It seems like a good film to watch with the opposite sex, and discuss afterwards.

1 week ago

Three skulls for being a good psychological thriller but it came with plenty of issues. Lead actress was unlikable and even when people were trying to help her she comes off too whiny, I guess this movie is ultimately aimed at women for a feminist message. I kept trying to guess what the twist would be, spoilers _ why if its a message about women sticking together does she abandon everyone in the parking garage? . Does her husband going missing and returning signify men just come and go from womens lives? . I think parts of it were intriguing and interesting kind of kept my attention but it was definitely weird .

3 weeks ago

It's as as if Kermani set out with a point to make and bashed the viewer over the head with it - over and over again.

1 month ago