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Directed by Richard Attenborough

Anthony Hopkins plays a ventriloquist whose dummy has a murderous mind of its own in this chilling psychological horror film written by legendary Hollywood scribe William Goldman (MISERY, MARATHON MAN) and directed by future Oscar-winner Richard Attenborough (GANDHI). Famous for its trailer ("Magic is fun. When you're dead!") which supposedly was removed from TV for being too scary, MAGIC still holds up as a terrifying trip to the Twilight Zone. Fans of Hopkins' iconic turn as Hannibal Lecter in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS should be sure to experience MAGIC.

A ventriloquist's (Anthony Hopkins) dummy has a murderous mind of its own.

Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Ann-Margret, Burgess Meredith

Member Reviews

Only scary if you have automatonophobia (fear of human-like figures). Excellent acting from a young Anthony Hopkins. I'm convinced Burgess Meredith has always been old.

1 week ago

Super boring, especially in the first half.

1 week ago

It was a great movie the first time also.

3 weeks ago

Wanted to like it but it was really slow and boring, non of the characters were captivating. A dread to watch.

1 month ago

My first time seeing this I thought it was great Anthony Hopkins was amazing in it , this movie is a classic. It had a better story than I anticipated but it was well done with good characters, the entire movie had alot of build up to get to a very sad ending that broke my heart , fats is awesome too. Five skulls.

2 months ago